Isle Of Anango

The Isle of Anango is located on Gor. Gor is a fictional Counter-Earth based on the books by John Norman. This island is Sovereign and Ruled by a Tatrix (female ruler). This community is representative of the Three Pillars, Homestone: Anango, Caste: Ini
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 What is a Free Woman?

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Tatrix Lady Aasiyah
Tatrix Lady Aasiyah

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PostSubject: What is a Free Woman?   Wed Jan 28, 2009 3:00 pm

A Free Woman is all that and then some, but most importantly in Gor she
is a woman uncollared. She can be vibrant and alive or miserable and a
shrew though she risks her neck if ireing the Free Man though her
station in life is what keeps the lineage of Free going so it should be
with great thought before this woman is enslaved. There is purpose to
the Free Woman as she stands alongside the Free Man and bears his
children into this world often running his Home as well as practicing a

There is a wide variety of Free Women from the beautiful Women of
the South veiled heavily and in robes of concealment to the gorgeous
Women of the North that wear the kirtle as well as the Outlaws, Panther
girls, Savage Women and the Women of the Wagons People. Each Culture of
Gor presents the Women and their duties differently. Some are kept
within walled gardens hearing little gossip of the Men but through the
whisperings of slaves. Some are quite visible and vocal, usually
protected by their families. A Free Woman usually doesn't travel alone
unescorted anywhere as she can quickly find herself at the mercy of a
Free Man of another Home Stone. Most wear robes to cover their body and
veils for face, for many a woman showing her bare belly to a man is in
fact showing her want to be ensalved. Usually in their own Home Stone
though they are protected as long as they follow said laws of the Home.
The beauty of a wanton slave is only matched by the challenge of making
oneself that is free to be so. It is why Free females do not travel
without escort or protection. A Man's right to make what is within his
grasp his in all ways as long as his steel can do it, so there is
always the threat of enslavement. A Free woman wondering alone is meat
on feet for the Man's pleasure in any way he decides whether for ransom
or sex.

A Free Man's relationship with a Free Woman involves what is known
as a Free Companionship. It is somewhat similar to a marriage on earth
though it has a specified length of one year in a contract witnessed.
It can be for political or financial gain and even sometimes for love.
Free Woman may be or may not be submissive, if submissive she is really
submissive only to One and usually her sexuality is expressed in closed
quarters as she gives no reason to be enslaved.

A Free Woman is just that ..Free .in all her beauty and splendor as she
moves through Gor. Freedom is a funny words at times as Free Woman are
actually not free to do whatever they want, but have to follow the
morality of the Home Stone they are pledged to and its subsequent laws.
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What is a Free Woman?
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