Isle Of Anango

The Isle of Anango is located on Gor. Gor is a fictional Counter-Earth based on the books by John Norman. This island is Sovereign and Ruled by a Tatrix (female ruler). This community is representative of the Three Pillars, Homestone: Anango, Caste: Ini
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 Kashi is a slave or not

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PostSubject: Kashi is a slave or not   Wed May 27, 2009 9:58 pm

KajirAahminahAa: Greetings Master
KajirAnaimaAa: Greetings Master
AasiyahofAnango: You came in my city disrespected and dishonored one of its citizens Sir...?
KajirAastoriaAa: Greetings Master
AasiyahofAnango: HUSH girls
SerynZatos: no
SerynZatos: i just respected your customs
AasiyahofAnango: You ask one on ... MY First Blade to strip .. and sent her a collar.. did you not..???
SerynZatos: i sent her the collar before hand
SerynZatos: infact she asked for it
AasiyahofAnango: ~listens~....
SerynZatos: and in gor we will respect its customs
AasiyahofAnango: Are you Gorean Sir...?
SerynZatos: in a way yes
AasiyahofAnango: hmmmmm....
AasiyahofAnango: And you asy she asked for the collar...???
SerynZatos: yes not in the land of gor though in my home which is not gorean
SerynZatos: but its clout goes to every land
SerynZatos: and she knew it
AasiyahofAnango: Clout... SIr...????
SerynZatos: Honor power and status
AasiyahofAnango: Retrigger twins
KajirAahminahAa: tower
KajirAnaimaAa: tower
KajirAastoriaAa: tower
AasiyahofAnango: I am absolute power in Anango... The laws and traditions of this lan are written and upheld by myself .. And my Archon.
AasiyahofAnango: I know not of you or my land...
AasiyahofAnango: your land***
AasiyahofAnango: And it has no baring here only outside of these shores... Nw if she did indeed beg your collar... WHICH I doubt .. then the matter is settled.
AasiyahofAnango: If she did not....
SerynZatos: there is no lock on her collar
SerynZatos: she needs not one
AasiyahofAnango: I will see you soon. And then the matter will be handed to the Archon.
AasiyahofAnango: If you even tie a bow around her neck...
AasiyahofAnango: She has no standing as FB
AasiyahofAnango: Nor as a free citizen..
AasiyahofAnango: She is slave..
AasiyahofAnango: And shall be treated as such.
SerynZatos: she is not a slave of your state though and you will treat her as such
AasiyahofAnango: First and formost...
AasiyahofAnango: Her blade is pledged to me...
AasiyahofAnango: Period
AasiyahofAnango: If she submits to the will of another..
AasiyahofAnango: No matter where she is ..
AasiyahofAnango: She is a slave
AasiyahofAnango: And if I find she has even committed a slave like act..
AasiyahofAnango: I will collar her with steal that does indeed lock Sir.
SerynZatos: you would steal
SerynZatos: hah
AasiyahofAnango: steel*
Askholm: STEEL, not steal was intended
AasiyahofAnango: And I am glad at least one of us finds this amusing.
AasiyahofAnango: As I have said...
AasiyahofAnango: I will hold a formal inquiry... After which if it is need you will be contacted....
AasiyahofAnango: needed*
SerynZatos: just know she is collared by me and any act to take such collar off that is not by my hand will be an act of war and the platinum dragonflight will come down hard and fast
SerynZatos: know that
AasiyahofAnango: Ahhh...
AasiyahofAnango: No this...
AasiyahofAnango: I am Tatrix ... and You are on MY shores..
AasiyahofAnango: I fear you NOT..
AasiyahofAnango: For dragons do NOT exsist here.
AasiyahofAnango: And more over...
AasiyahofAnango: If you collared a free woman on my shores ..
SerynZatos: then how can one of thier gods be her standing on your shores
AasiyahofAnango: I WILL BE TO SEE YOU
AasiyahofAnango: You see...
AasiyahofAnango: YOU ARE SOME-WHAT GOR
AasiyahofAnango: I am Gorean...
AasiyahofAnango: Period..
AasiyahofAnango: You dont traverse anothers shores and disrespect the laws...
AasiyahofAnango: Nor the citizens of that city..
Askholm: In short, when in Rome, act like the Romans
AasiyahofAnango: I dont care if you were sent by the PK themselves.
SerynZatos: and thats why i made her act as she did
SerynZatos: because we were in gore
AasiyahofAnango: Yoyu CANT MAKE a FW do anything
AasiyahofAnango: Under what athourity...??????
AasiyahofAnango: You*
SerynZatos: the collar on her neck
AasiyahofAnango: You have NONE on these shores.
AasiyahofAnango: Your paper collar with no lock is meaningless here ..
SerynZatos: i have all the authourity over her
AasiyahofAnango: More so because the women in question is sworn to THIS CITY>
AasiyahofAnango: As I said...
AasiyahofAnango: WE SHALL SEE>
AasiyahofAnango: If I find that you have collared her against her will.
AasiyahofAnango: You will have me to deal with...
AasiyahofAnango: If you wish to make this official...
AasiyahofAnango: Then I will seen the commander...
SerynZatos: see him
AasiyahofAnango: If yIf you wish to honor the laws
AasiyahofAnango: You will see the Archon.
AasiyahofAnango: YES
AasiyahofAnango: See..... HIM
AasiyahofAnango: Nai...
AasiyahofAnango: ... Where where you with this happened girl...?
Askholm has left the chat
KajirAahminahAa: in one of Minah's rooms M'Lady
AasiyahofAnango: ~looks to her~ What ever the fuck you are doing you better get your focus BACK in this rom slave.
AasiyahofAnango: In a private room...?
KajirAahminahAa: yes M'Lady
AasiyahofAnango: Minah has no rooms .. So you were IN MY FUCKING HOUSE WHEN YOU COLLARED my warrior..?
AasiyahofAnango: And neither of you thought to record this...?????
SerynZatos: no i collared her in My room
SerynZatos: i had her get in silks on your island
AasiyahofAnango: You stripped that woman before My girls... did you not..????
SerynZatos: yes
AasiyahofAnango: That is illegal....
AasiyahofAnango: That is disgraceful.
SerynZatos: i told her to dress as the slaves of the land
SerynZatos: as she is a slave my slave
AasiyahofAnango: And she... complied...??????
KajirAahminahAa: Lady asked Master not to shame her M'Lady
SerynZatos: and we will respect your lands laws
AasiyahofAnango: I will tell you NOW...
AasiyahofAnango: If I find that you have taken my First Blade against her wishes...
AasiyahofAnango: I will look for you
AasiyahofAnango: Find you...
SerynZatos: oh on my land
AasiyahofAnango: If you are not of Gor..
SerynZatos: you will find me on the Platinum Plain
AasiyahofAnango: You are no more than a slave here...
AasiyahofAnango: And My Commander will not stop until My bidding is done.
SerynZatos: or he is dead
AasiyahofAnango: They....
SerynZatos: but we not need about that
AasiyahofAnango: You will not have one to contend with..
SerynZatos: because she asked for it
AasiyahofAnango: And please..
AasiyahofAnango: PLEASE>>>
AasiyahofAnango: dont under estamate my own blade.
AasiyahofAnango: If you are honest ..
AasiyahofAnango: Then you have none to worry of..
SerynZatos: i have no reason to lie
AasiyahofAnango: She wil be taken into custody and go before the Archon.
AasiyahofAnango: Then after which it will be decied what will cbecome of her.
AasiyahofAnango: If what you say is true...
AasiyahofAnango: She will fall on her own blade
SerynZatos: or she will never see you again because you are threatening my girl
SerynZatos: not only is she mine here in gor and in my lane
AasiyahofAnango: Your girl ... is MINE..
SerynZatos: but the land of earth
AasiyahofAnango: \\MY FIRST BLADE
SerynZatos: the real life
SerynZatos: she is my slave
AasiyahofAnango: Her pledge to me came long before yours...
AasiyahofAnango: Real life..?
SerynZatos: so do know she is mine
SerynZatos: yes
AasiyahofAnango: ~Looks to the twins~
AasiyahofAnango: ~Back at him~
AasiyahofAnango: Real life .. Sir...?
SerynZatos: yes
KajirAahminahAa: ~ahhh~
AasiyahofAnango: I speak with Cassandra often..
SerynZatos: the existence beyond the computer network
AasiyahofAnango: I have heard of whom she is owned by real life.
AasiyahofAnango: I have heard nothing of you.
AasiyahofAnango: And if that is true..
AasiyahofAnango: Then you also know that she belongs to me.... Here on all accounts...
AasiyahofAnango: You better check with your girl...
AasiyahofAnango: And note..
SerynZatos: yes tika
SerynZatos: and her other one
AasiyahofAnango: You could never sever OUR ties....
AasiyahofAnango: And all I have said before .... STILL STANDS
AasiyahofAnango: I think it a low dshonorable think you have done.
AasiyahofAnango: And even lower of her .. if this is some kind of game you wish toplay.
AasiyahofAnango: to play*
AasiyahofAnango: Be sure .... I take my station as well as my relationships with my own seriously.
SerynZatos: and be sure she was a slave before me she was always with essa
SerynZatos: what is to change with me
AasiyahofAnango: If you have chosen to collar her here .. and she knew this and did not even bother to speak to me about it...
SerynZatos: but i upheld your customs
AasiyahofAnango: If you did we would not be having this conversation..
AasiyahofAnango: And I know of Essa
AasiyahofAnango: Essa knows of me.
AasiyahofAnango: I have own Tika a year next month.
AasiyahofAnango: owned*
AasiyahofAnango: There is little I dont know...
AasiyahofAnango: BESIDES YOU>
AasiyahofAnango: And I dont trust stragers....
AasiyahofAnango: So I will hear it from her mouth...
SerynZatos: funny how enigmas can change everything
AasiyahofAnango: She knows well my wrath...
AasiyahofAnango: And she knows me....
AasiyahofAnango: Record this Nai.
AasiyahofAnango: Do it NOw and posted it in the hangou.
KajirAnaimaAa: yes M'Lady
AasiyahofAnango: out*
SerynZatos: i will too to show you have threatened not only me but my girl
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Kashi is a slave or not
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