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The Isle of Anango is located on Gor. Gor is a fictional Counter-Earth based on the books by John Norman. This island is Sovereign and Ruled by a Tatrix (female ruler). This community is representative of the Three Pillars, Homestone: Anango, Caste: Ini
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 thru the door

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PostSubject: thru the door   Wed Mar 25, 2009 9:07 pm

Thru the Door

The girl has left the frees she is out side the door alone, looking around it is late she must still move to her slave quarters she gathers her bundle that no Free ever sees her water cloths and fresh silks. The girl is under punishment for her mouth so she is nude. She does not have far to go but still she is alone in the city and its late she moves from the steps of the Lady’s home and walk carefully. In the day light she would walk proud showing her self off to all after all she is one of the passions slaves of the Lady Siyah Tatnix of the city. But now in the dark she if fair game to any Free that could grab her and most are drunk. She moves to her quarters, they are better then most but not as good as some but still she is proud of her station in life. As she moves she see a second slave she is moving home she has seen her before she does not know her name but they both smile at each other they will travel for a while together not talking the girl is in green silks. The girl thinks of how she came here how her life changed when she begged to be collared. She was moved to the quarters 12 rooms and a common area as a new slave and not yet collared she slept in the common area on straw now that she had been collared she was given a room to her self, yes room if you want to call it that but still better then straw. The rooms in the quarter were to show a collard slave a little private four walls beads for a door bed, table, and shelves to put away her silks. On the table was a dish to put her things, her things she still sometimes thinks they are hers when she knows everything in the room can be taken from her. She moves closer to the rooms now the other slave has left her, moving south away from her she hopes she makes it ok. She passes city watch they smile at her she is safe as long as they can see her, the lady has enemies as all rules do to kill one of her slaves would cause her despair so she watches the shadows. The girl makes it to the door the two guards see her and allow her to enter; she had a lot of trouble when she first came here but not now. She walks in the common room she is safe now. She looks at the large room all is quiet as all are sleeping but her, she looks to the largest of the rooms, this was once Maddee’s room but now taka is first girl her bed is better and she has things the rest do not but she has earned them. Next to that room is an empty room that once was tika’s, across from it is another empty room she frown as she looks at it for once it held her friend angel who has run off, one night she took the things the Lady had given her and ran off into the night one day they will find her. She walks to her room, last one on the left her friend beth is access from her they both are just starting out but beth is making greater progress as she is still learning and making many mistakes. She peers in at beths sleeping form they are at odds now because of a mistake made by this girl a tear slides down her cheek as she turns to her room she did not eat sleep is what she needs. She walks into her room, she may lose this now but for how this is were she will be. She sits heavily on the bed still thinking of the day. She removes some of the thing she wears put them in the dish, she smiles no slave would enter into her room and take anything not something she has known as a free woman. She washes her feet to remove the city dirt from them as she does she thinks of how she came here. She was a free woman working in a shop with her brother for many years then he took a wife and she was told to move on, he gave her some money and sent her on her way, she had dress in her blue robes to hide her self. She had never been with a man as of yet so she was very careful. She moved down the coast stopping at cities alone the way not really staying any where, she heard of a city with a port Anango she would go there just to see if she could find a position or maybe a husband. She had reached the city low on money they had welcomed her in the city something some other cities did not do. She walked the street and saw a place called the Hall of Pens; maybe she could find work here. She was honored to meet the Tatnix of the city there Lady Siyah she sit and talked to the lady and could feel her power from her words. The lady had asked her what she wanted she had told her a place to work, she asked he if she had thought about being a slave that had never crossed her mind, then a man came in the Hall yelling and acting like an ass, he had said something that had made this girl mad but she listen to the Lady how she talked to him how she told him what was what in her city this girl could feel that power. She left the city the next day but kept thinking about the lady, the girl came across a camp and sit for a spell she watch as some slave were given lessons her thought again went to the Lady. Be a slave a slut her the very idea she has seen them showing off ther bodys to anyone that would look letting them see there charms, again the feeling like she was missing something but they did live good better then she did, they had food clothes a place to call home someone to love them unlike her brother she watched the slaves yes she had made up her mind she would cast off the robes of the free to serve the lady but she had much to learn she hurried back to the city and was in luck she found the Lady still there, she had gotten some silks with the last of her money. As she sits on the bed she remembers tearing off her veil and hood and asking the Lady to take her as one of her own. She smiles when she remembers he self on her knees begging for the collar begging to serve her, she was told yes and the rest as they say is history. Now she sits and waits for her punishment for talking to angel again how dumb was she but she told her lady the lady was very disappointed in her. Girl why din't you call the gurad? this girl looked at her, because M'Lady this girl owed her one last time now we are even. So if you see her again you will call the guard? yes M'Lady this girl no longer likes her. The hour is late the watch calls out the time, she lies down to sleep. She thinks that this is a part of being a slave that most Frees never see the slaves asleep in there quarters.

This is this girl own thoughts as the slave quarter for Anango have never been talked about how a slave moves thru a city. As this is chat we just appear where we need to go no thought as to how we got there or how we leave once that door closes behind us. The bundle is something this girl thought up as our feet would be dirty from the streets it would not be good to put dirt on the carpets of the Lady’s house, each bundle is the same, a large cloth that holds a jug of water, cloth to wash our feet, extra silks just in case we get ours dirty. This girl used her self leaving the lady last night this girl used her own thoughts in this telling the story of how she came here and how things have happen to our city. Na`ima hopes this gets a laugh or makes other think, we are slaves we move thru a city our job it to look pleasing at all times to make that mans head turn and that Free woman frown at us.

beth has read sister na'ima's "Thru the Door" essay recounting how she arrived and her telling of her walk back to the slave was a well told and a moving read and beth's heart reaches out to her sister as a result. beth and na'ima have been through a lot over the past month and their relationship continues to evolve...with mutual respect, love and caring for one another.

love beth

thru the door is a heart felt and moving look at what goes thru all our minds or not... it is a real jump to think of it and put it to words... ~smiles~ you are loved and this is a result of that love na'ima... ~kisses her gently on the cheek
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PostSubject: Re: thru the door   Fri Mar 27, 2009 5:48 pm

i loved this the first time i read it and i love it more today....timeless it you
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thru the door
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