Isle Of Anango

The Isle of Anango is located on Gor. Gor is a fictional Counter-Earth based on the books by John Norman. This island is Sovereign and Ruled by a Tatrix (female ruler). This community is representative of the Three Pillars, Homestone: Anango, Caste: Ini
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 List of Castes

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Tatrix Lady Aasiyah
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PostSubject: List of Castes   Wed Jan 28, 2009 10:48 am

Caste System of

Most of Gor is dependant on a Caste system
which is relatively immobile but not frozen. Each caste has within it caste codes which
determine the ethical considerations of the group as a whole. While begging is frowned
upon on Gor, those within a caste may go to their caste hall or the leader of the caste
within the area to seek assistance when it is required. Caste sanctuary is also often
practiced, those within a caste extending help and protection to eachother when needed.
For the most part these practices lead to a stable environment for all concerned, each
raised to do a specific type of job within the community unless they show a proficience
for another or are unable to perform that job. The High Castes are more educated than the Lower Castes who are taught
a revised version of science which is sometimes utterly falsified.

Castes of Gor

High Castes

  • Initiate (white)
  • Scribe (blue)

    • Lawyer (blue)
    • Scholar (blue)
    • Record Keeper (blue)
    • Teacher (blue)
    • Clerk (blue)
    • Historian (blue)
    • Accountant (blue)
  • Builder (yellow)
  • Physician (green)
  • Warrior (red)

Low Castes

  • Peasant (brown)
  • Assassin (black)
  • Merchant (gold and white)

    • Slaver (blue and yellow)

  • Musician (not mentioned)
  • Player (red and yellow)
  • Poet (aqua and red)
  • Singer (aqua and red)
  • TarnKeeper (gray and green)
  • Thief (none specific)
  • Woodsmen (black and brown)
  • Charcoal Maker (black and gray)
  • Baker (brown and yellow)
  • Cloth Maker (not mentioned)

    • Rug Makers (not mentioned)

      • Carder (not mentioned)
      • Dyer (not mentioned)

  • Pot-Maker (brown/green)
  • Leatherworker (tan)

    • Saddle-Maker (tan)

  • Metal Worker (steel gray)
  • Lighter (striped green white and red)
  • Vinter (white with green leaves)

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List of Castes
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