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The Isle of Anango is located on Gor. Gor is a fictional Counter-Earth based on the books by John Norman. This island is Sovereign and Ruled by a Tatrix (female ruler). This community is representative of the Three Pillars, Homestone: Anango, Caste: Ini
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 Intro to Caste and Quotes Cont.....

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PostSubject: Re: Intro to Caste and Quotes Cont.....   Wed Jan 28, 2009 10:24 am

---Slave Girl of Gor
Goreans as a rule are proud
men and even the lowest caste carries its trade with pride and honor.
If there are considerations to high or low castes, Goreans understand
that each in its own right has equal importance in the survival
of the Gorean way of life.
...Even men
of a caste as low as that of the Tarn-Keepers were intolerably proud
of their calling, for who else could raise and train those monstrous
birds of prey? I supposed Zosk the Woodsman was proud in the knowledge
that he with his great broad-headed ax could fell a tree in one
blow, and that perhaps not even a Ubar could do as much. Even the
Caste of Peasants regarded itself as the "Ox on which the Home
Stone Rests" and could seldom be encouraged to leave their
narrow strips of land, which they and their fathers before them
had owned and made fruitful.

---Outlaw of Gor
are, on Gor, it might be mentioned, ways of raising and altering
caste, but the Gorean seldom avails himself of these. To most Goreans
it would be unthinkable to alter caste. He is generally too proud
of his caste and it is too much a part of him for him to think in
such terms. It is, too, recognized that all, or most, of the castes
perform necessary, commendable or useful functions. ...Each does,
however, tend to think of his own caste as something special, and,
somehow, I suspect, as being perhaps a bit more preferable than
others. Most Goreans are quite content with their castes; this is
probably a function of caste pride. I have little doubt but what
the caste structure contributes greatly to the stability of Gorean
society. Among other things it reduces competitive chaos, social
and economic, and prevents the draining of intelligence and ambition
into a small number of envied, prestigious occupations....

---Fighting Slave of Gor
Priest-Kings, as they are
not human, have no caste. Outlaws are also considered to be without
caste or Home Stone. It goes without saying that, as slaves have
none of the rights of citizens, they are without caste no matter
what they may have been before they were collared.
Caste is
important to the Gorean in ways that are difficult to make clear
to one whose social structures do not include the relationships
of caste. In almost every city, for example, one knows there will
be caste brothers on whom one may depend. Charity, too, for example,
is almost always associated with caste rights on Gor. One of the
reasons there are so few outlaws on Gor is doubtless that the outlaw,
in adopting his way of life, surrenders caste rights. The slave,
too, of course, has no caste rights. He stands outside the structure
of society. He is an animal. It is said on Gor that only slaves,
outlaws, and Priest-Kings, rumored to be the rulers of Gor, reputed
to live in the remote Sardar Mountains, are without caste. This
saying, however, it might be pointed out, as Goreans recognize,
is not strictly true. For example, some individuals have lost caste,
or been deprived of caste; some individuals have been born outside
of caste; certain occupations are not traditionally associated with
caste, such as gardening, domestic service and herding; and, indeed,
there are entire cultures and peoples on Gor to whom caste is unknown....

---Fighting Slave of Gor
And as with all rules, there
will be the exception. The Caste of Initiates, for example, could
not possibly be entered through the usual rules of birth right,
its members not being permitted to even touch women. This would
imply that the caste requires some form of petitioning, training
and initiation of those wishing to join it.
The Caste of Assassins too,
and a few others, would appear to be a matter of caste over home,
and not be subject to the rules of city caste councils. It remains
unclear if this situation existed before the coup attempt of Pa-Kur
in Ar but it seems likely that perhaps the 'no Home Stone' rule
of this caste might have been something which was born of this particular
event. Indeed is Pa-Kur himself not referred to as Master Assassin
of Ar, indicating in some way that he was 'of' that city? In later
books, we are told the Caste of Assassins had been 'wiped off the
face of Gor' and outlawed in most areas and cities. Later still,
we find ourselves in the presence of one of this caste and given
clear indication that the caste, although bound by codes, training
and initiatory rituals, functions independently from the city-state
as I recall," I said, "have no Home Stones. I suppose
that is a drawback to caste membership, but if you did have Home
Stones, it might be difficult to take fees on one whose Home Stone
you shared."

---Beasts of Gor
Similarly, there is mention
of bargemen on the Vosk having formed a caste, though again we do
not find the usual notion of city caste council nor belonging to
a particular village or city in this case.
I crossed
the Cartius on a barge, one of several hired by the merchant of
the caravan with which I was then serving. These barges, constructed
of layered timbers of Ka-la-na wood, are towed by teams of river
tharlarion, domesticated, vast, herbivorous, web-footed lizards
raised and driven by the Cartius bargemen, fathers and sons, interrelated
clans, claiming the status of a caste for themselves.

---Nomads of Gor
In both these cases, we have
difficulty grasping the way these would fit within the usual strictness
of caste councils and hierarchies which are prevalent in the city-states
of Gor, there would seem to be space, on Gor, for a number of parallel
systems that function 'with' rather than 'within'.
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Intro to Caste and Quotes Cont.....
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