Isle Of Anango

The Isle of Anango is located on Gor. Gor is a fictional Counter-Earth based on the books by John Norman. This island is Sovereign and Ruled by a Tatrix (female ruler). This community is representative of the Three Pillars, Homestone: Anango, Caste: Ini
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 Essay on Knowing When and How to Hold Ones Tongue

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PostSubject: Essay on Knowing When and How to Hold Ones Tongue   Sat Jan 31, 2009 4:14 pm

Holding tongue

Beth’s task is to write a 300 word essay on “the values of knowing when and how to hold her tongue.”

Beth realizes that her failure to hold her tongue in situations is an extremely serious infraction of the law and must be corrected. It brings shame, frustration and humiliation to her and shows her Mistress/Master in a poor light, often embarrassing Them and causing them disappointment and displeasure.

Values of knowing when to hold her tongue: Being able to holds one tongue is crucial for a slave and she must keep the laws of Anango in mind especially “Serve every Master or Mistress as if your well being depends on being pleasing” and “Perfection of service and submission is the goal’. If this girl does not hold her tongue then she cannot possibly be pleasing and nowhere close to perfection which is her goal. She needs to learn to be able to analyze the situation and know if the words she is about to utter will be pleasing, serving, and in full compliance with her Mistress’s whims. She understands when these situations occur because she can usually feel her blood beginning to boil or the hair stands up on the back of her neck and she begins to shake internally. Being able to note this occurrence is the first step to correcting her problem and she must learn to do so.

How to hold her tongue: This lowly love slave of M’Lady realizes that she needs to slow down, not just react and think first before speaking and always evaluate her next words based on the law that…. “While a Freeperson may not always be right, they are, by definition, never wrong. Slaved always has the last word in any disagreement. the words "Yes Master". If she can just remember this law and apply it to her daily life… that should help her. She will take a breath after listening to any words from anyone and learn to think quickly and smartly instead of spontaneously and without weighing her words. She will ask M’Lady, Mistress Joanna and mistress tika for input on how she may learn to hold her loosed tongue. Another way would be for her to be punished each time she fails to hold her tongue in a situation. This girl hates to be punished although she realizes its benefits. In the end, she must learn to just say…”yes M’Lady, yes Mistress or yes Master.”
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Essay on Knowing When and How to Hold Ones Tongue
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