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The Isle of Anango is located on Gor. Gor is a fictional Counter-Earth based on the books by John Norman. This island is Sovereign and Ruled by a Tatrix (female ruler). This community is representative of the Three Pillars, Homestone: Anango, Caste: Ini
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 What is a Slave

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Tatrix Lady Aasiyah
Tatrix Lady Aasiyah

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PostSubject: What is a Slave   Sat Jan 31, 2009 4:22 am


This question was posed to Me long ago .. this is the most perfect
answer as it came from heart .. what is Y/yours .. I long to hear

Gor interpretation be damned… what is a kajira? Speaking from one
with experience… it is a fight.. a constant battle with one’s inner
self…. Of breaking years and years of conditioning of “taking care of
oneself”… relearning to allow oneself the pleasure of acting and being
treated like a woman again.

It is a constant struggle to remind yourself that it is OK to allow
another to care and make decisions for you… to offer up complete
control and trust in another… to allow them the honor of speaking for

"Myths say that only the woman who has been an utter slave can be truly free."

(Nomads of Gor, p.289)


Freedom…. How can one be free in slavery?

Odd concept is it not. To be someone’s slave and still be free… it
takes a lot of getting used to. But dig into your heart of hearts… how
many times have we complained that we would just love to have some one
take over our day to day decisions, only to fight the very thing we
dreamed and wished for.

In this hedonistic world we live in, why do we continue to try to
punish ourselves? To do it ALL ourselves? Why not offer our true selves
to another? One answer of course is the fear of trust. How do we learn
to trust when we feel the world stepping on our necks daily?

How do we learn to allow ourselves the pleasure of learning to be a
REAL WOMAN again? It is simple actually. Just jump in with both feet.
Stop dooming our relationships before they start…why is it that we, as
women, have this self-destructive need to destroy that which we cherish
and hope for most in our truest of hearts?

Is it again the conditioning we learn through the years? To always
be the nurturer? To never show weakness? And is offering everything you
truly are a weakness? Or is it strength?

How many others do you know that can truly say that they have
offered another complete say over their very happiness? Is it wrong to
trust someone so much that you are comfortable with offering them that
honor anyway?

"…it is only a slave, in her vulnerability and helplessness, who can know what love truly is." (Kajira of Gor, p.48)

Profound statement? I guess that will depend on your true desire to
become a kajira. If you believe it … then you are on the right path to
self-discovery. If not, perhaps you will need to take a little while
longer to decide if Gor is truly your calling. Having had a Master that
I trust more than life itself, I can tell you there is nothing like
offering all you are to another. To have someone believe in your
abilities so much, that they never stop encouraging your progress and
personal growth, is the greatest feeling in the world.

To know that they can, and will take everything you have to offer
and continue to push you to the fullest limits of your personal
abilities. To know that you belong to him completely and that HE will
do for you what he wishes without any say on your part. To know that HE
will treat you as a real woman…and know every part of your body and
soul…is a feeling that consumes the entire spirit and leaves you
begging for more.

Slave fires lurk in every woman. It is only a question of arousing them.

Explorers of Gor, page 47

What is a slave fire you ask?

It is the truest form of submission one can offer. It is the
passion inside all women that make them dream and fantasize about
offering themselves to one man…to give and care for his needs
completely and with a fierce desire to do nothing except please him.

To desire his touch and approval so much that you continually allow
yourself to learn and study that which you do not understand…To watch
his every move, his every expression for need.

A slave fire…is the burning desire to be totally owned heart, body
and soul by ONE. To have yourself completely at his mercy… to know he
holds the key to your happiness.. ai.. even your very life in his

We hear all the time that Gor is a harsh, unforgiving place. Ai, it
is true. It is a world where Men are not afraid to be who they are and
women remember what they are. kajirae is submission personified. A
kajira is beauty unleashed

These were My thoughts as kajira .. and Yours are .. ?
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What is a Slave
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