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The Isle of Anango is located on Gor. Gor is a fictional Counter-Earth based on the books by John Norman. This island is Sovereign and Ruled by a Tatrix (female ruler). This community is representative of the Three Pillars, Homestone: Anango, Caste: Ini
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 Laws of Free Women Count..........

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Tatrix Lady Aasiyah
Tatrix Lady Aasiyah

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PostSubject: Laws of Free Women Count..........   Sat Jan 31, 2009 2:58 am


"Sometimes, however, the free woman in a captured city is not, say,
simply stripped, thrown down and tied, later to be turned over to an
iron master for the searing kiss of his white hot metal. Sometimes,
rather, she stripped, and presented before officers, is offered the
choice between swift, honorable decapitation and slavery. If she
chooses slavery, she may be expected to step onto a submission mat, and
kneel there, head down, enter a slave pen of her own accord, or, say,
fully acknowledging herself a slave, belly to an officer, kissing his
feet. The question is sometimes put to her in somewhat the following
fashion. "If you are a free woman, speak your freedom and advance, now,
to the headman's block, or, if you are truly a slave, and have only
been masquerading until now as a free woman, step now, if you wish,
upon the mat of submission and kneel there, in this act becoming at
last, explicitly, a legal slave." She is then expected, sometimes,
kneeling to lick the feet of a soldier, who then rapes her on the mat.
It is commonly regarded as an acceptable introduction for a woman to
her explicit and legal slavery."
"Blood Brothers of Gor" page 337

"We were put on the racks as free women," she said, "that we, the women
of the enemy, be properly humiliated. Too is it not a rich joke for the
men of Ar that more than a thousand of the free women of Vonda adorn
their pleasure racks, fastened down like slave girls, their use
available for a tarsk bit to the passers-by?"
"Rogue of Gor" page 27

"The institution of capture is universal, to the best of my knowledge,
on Gor; there is no city which does not honor it, provided females
captured are those of the enemy, either their free women or their
"Assassin of Gor" page. 159

"Few seem to object to the institution of capture, not even the women
who might seem to be its victims. On the contrary, incredibly enough,
their vanity is terribly outraged if they are not regarded as worth the
risks, usually mutilation and impalement."
"Outlaw of Gor" page 51.

"Something of the nature of the institution of capture, and the
Gorean's attitude toward it becomes clear when it is understood that
one of a young tarnsman's first missions is often the capture of a
slave for his personal quarters. When he brings home his captive, bound
naked across the saddle of his tarn, he gives her over, rejoicing, to
his sisters, to be bathed, perfumed and clothed in the brief slave
livery of Gor."
"Outlaw of Gor" page 51/2

"On the other hand, in spite of the theories pertaining to such
matters, free women are certainly not immune to the fates of capture
and enslavement. Many men, despite the theories pertaining to such
matters, and accepting the risks involved, enjoy taking them. Some
slavers specialize in the capture of free women. Indeed, it is thought
by some, perhaps largely because of the additional risks involved, and
the interest in seeing what one has caught, that there is a special
spice and flavor about taking them. Similarly it is said to be
pleasant, if one has the time and patience, first to their horror and
then to their joy, training them to the collar."
"Rogue of Gor" page 42

"The free women is entitled to attempt to flee her captor , as best she
can, and without penalty, even after the first night in his bonds, if
she still chooses to do so. If she is enslaved, of course, then she is
subject too, the same customs, and practices, and laws, as any other
"Dancer of Gor" page 95/6

"She was his by legitimate capture, and he could do with her whatever he pleased. Any court on Gor would have upheld this."
"Players of Gor" page 15

Couching law

"I was taken pursuant to the couching laws," she said. "I see," I said.
Any free woman who voluntarily couches with another's slave, or readies
herself to do so, becomes the slave of the slave's master. By such an
act, the couching with, or readying herself to couch with, a slave, as
though she might be a girl of the slave's master, thrown to the slave,
she shows herself as no more than a slave, and in this act, in law,
becomes a slave. Who then should own her, this new slave? Why, of
course, he to whom the law consigns her, the master of the slave with
whom she has couched, or was preparing to couch."
"Magicians of Gor" page 303

"Free me!" she said.
"You would have us compromise our ho
nor?" asked Tolnar.

"I order you to do so," she said.

Tolnar smiled.

"Why do you smile?" she asked.

"How can a slave order a free person to do anything?" he asked.

"A slave!" she cried. "How dare you!"

"You are taken into bondage," said Tolnar, "under the couching laws of
Marlenus of Ar. Any free woman who couches with, or prepares to couch
with, a male slave, becomes herself a slave, and the property of the
male slave's master."
"Magicians of Gor" page 455

Indigence and vagrancy

"The principle he had alluded to pertains to conduct in a free woman
which is taken as sufficient to warrant her reduction to slavery. The
most common application of this principle occurs in areas such as fraud
or theft. Other applications may occur, for example, in cases of
indigence and vagrancy."
"Renegades Of Gor" page 372

"I saw some girls rummaging through a garbage can. They wore short
tunics but they were not slaves. Goreans sometimes refer to such women
as "strays." They are civic nuisances. They are occasionally rounded
up, guardsmen appearing at opposite ends of an alley, trapping them,
and collared."
"Kajira of Gor" page 139

"I might try to live by begging and scavenging garbage for a time as do
those vagrant free women sometimes called she-urts, but I being
collared, could never pass by one. Once or twice a year, particularly
when there are complaints, or they are becoming nuisances, many of them
will be rounded up and taken before a praetor. Their sentence is almost
invariably slavery."
"Kajira of Gor" page 316

Debts - redemption laws

"She lived from men, following them and exploiting them," I said. "She
was a debtor slut. I paid her bills and thus came into her de facto
ownership, through the redemption laws."
"Renegades of Gor" page 172

"Women such as these, those at the wall, would be surrendered by the
management of the inn for the equivalent of their unpaid bills. They
would then be in the power of their "redeemers," any who might make
good their debts. Lacking such a "redemption" they might then expect to
find themselves, sooner or later, sold as slaves. In this way the inn
usually recovers its money and, not unoften, turns a profit.
Particularly beautiful specimens are sometimes kept by the inn itself,
as inn slaves."
"Renegades of Gor" page 42

"Also, a female debtor, in many cities, is subject to judicial
enslavement, she then coming rightlessly and categorically, identically
with any other slave, into the ownership of the creditor."
"Magicians of Gor" page 275

"Nela had been a slave since the age of fourteen. To my surprise she
was a native of Ar. She had lived alone with her father, who had
gambled heavily on the races. He had died and to satisfy his debts, no
others coming forth to resolve them, the daughter, as Gorean law
commonly prescribes, became state property; she was then, following the
law, put up for sale at public auction; the proceeds of her sale were
used, again following the mandate of the law, to liquidate as equitable
as possible the unsatisfied claims of creditors."
"Assassin of Gor" page 164

"The mills, incidentally, like certain other low slaveries, such as
those of the fields, the kitchens and laundries, serve an almost penal
function on Gor. For example, a free woman, sentenced to slavery for,
say, crimes or debts, may find herself, once enslaved, by direction of
the court, sold for a pittance into such a slavery. Such slaveries also
provide a place to utilize women who are thought to be good for little
"Kajira of Gor" page 265


"Her ear," I said. "Her ear was notched." Rim and Thurnock laughed. "A
thief," said Thurnock. I suddenly recognized the girl. It was she who
had cut my purse earlier in the day, the sensuous little wench, whose
ear had been notched. I well knew what the punishment was for a Gorean
female, following her second conviction for theft."
"Hunters of Gor" page 47/9

"The Lady Sasi, of Port Kar," said the praetor, "in virtue of what we
have here today established, and in virtue of the general warrant
outstanding upon her, must come under sentence." "Please, my officer,"
she begged. "Please sentence me only to a penal brothel!" "The penal
brothel is too good for you," said the praetor."
"Explorers of Gor" page 58

"A female thief in Tor, even on a first offense, is immediately reduced to slavery."
"Tribesmen of Gor" page 52
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Laws of Free Women Count..........
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