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The Isle of Anango is located on Gor. Gor is a fictional Counter-Earth based on the books by John Norman. This island is Sovereign and Ruled by a Tatrix (female ruler). This community is representative of the Three Pillars, Homestone: Anango, Caste: Ini
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 The Tenets of Gorean Philosophy

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That is a difficult question to answer; there are as many philosophies
upon Gor as there are people to embrace them. Rather than ask what is
the philosophy of Gor, perhaps it is better to examine ALL of the
philosophies of Gor, and try to discover the unifying factors which
they have in common. These, then, are the basic tenets upon which
Gorean philosophy is based..

Throughout the 27 books which make up the chronicles of the
Counter-Earth, certain principles and beliefs are often repeated, which
the narrator proclaims are widely held by Goreans in general.

I have selected several of these, the principles which in my opinion seem
to be the foundation for the basic Gorean system of ethics.

1) Be WHAT you are:

Similar in many
respects to a tenet set forth by the Earth philosopher Marcus Aurelius;
namely that each thing which exists possesses its own unique
singularity. When a thing attempts to be something it is not, problems
arise. A man is a man; a woman is a woman; a tree is a tree; a flower
is a flower. To the Gorean mind, it is foolish for anything to assume
the properties of another thing.Therefore, each person is required to
understand his or her basic nature, and to abide by it. According to
such a tenet, therefore, it is assumed that there are needs, desires
and activities which are specifically masculine, and those which are
specifically feminine. Though the lines may blur at times, when all
things are reduced to their basic forms, each thing is appreciated and
celebrated for its own uniqueness, and is not forced to assume
properties of another, different, thing..

2) Be WHO you are:

This tenet applies
in regard to a person's existence in society and the caste structure.
It takes into account the fact that everyone possesses certain talents
and abilities from birth, regardless of their familial caste.
Therefore, upon Gor a person is free to alter or raise his or her caste
on the basis of ability, though it is rarely done, since most Goreans
value their familial caste as a badge of their clan identity. But the
above principle also applies in regard to freedom and slavery. To the
Gorean mindset, each person is born with a desire for freedom, and an
innate slave nature. A person's proper place in society is dependant
upon how these two factors are balanced within the personality of that
particular Gorean. Most Goreans believe that anyone who has within them
a burning desire to exist free of strictures will not suffer slavery,
dying rather than submitting to bonditude. A person who has within them
a strong slave nature, the desire to be controlled and commanded, will
eventually succumb to their inner need to serve others, free of all
responsibility to things other than themselves and their service..

3) Obey the Natural Order of things:

This tenet applies to the way Goreans view the world around them. They
feel it is futile to attempt to disregard the effect of hundreds of
generations of evolution. If a creature is naturally genetically
equipped to fulfill a specific function in relation to another, then it
is considered fitting and proper that such a creature be allowed to do
so, even when such natural predisposition might result in
stratification. In regards to human beings, it is understood that
stronger, more intelligent, and more ambitious human beings will
naturally assume a higher social strata in regards to their interaction
with the less strong, less intelligent, and less ambitious. In regard
to male/female sexual relations, it is therefore the right of the male,
who is genetically predisposed for physical dominance, to control the
physical aspects of his relationship to the female. In return, he is
expected to behave as the hunter/provider, seeing to the protection of
the female to insure the propagation of the race. Females, meanwhile,
who tend to be smaller and less physically powerful, are expected to
respect the biological truths of their lesser physical stature, while
making the most of their genetic predisposition to serve and aid the
male, and utilizing their superior emotional empathy and long-term
endurance to do so while surviving and advancing the species. Not all
women, therefore, are slaves, though the female sex is often referred
to by males as "the slave sex." Gorean females are simply expected to
respect and understand that they are less able in areas requiring raw
physical strength than their male counterparts, and adjust their
behavior accordingly. When one considers the fact that personal combat
to the death is a daily occurrence throughout Gor, such behavior among
Gorean women is a wise practice to say the least..

4) Advancement of the Strong:

tenet is similar to that described above; it simply refers to the
common Gorean belief that strength, whether it is physical strength,
mental strength, or strength of will, should be celebrated and set
forth as an example. In this way the Gorean feels he advances the human
race, adding to its chances for survival and continued existence..

5) Diminishment of the Causes of Weakness:

This principle acts as the inverse to the tenet described above. In
order that the human species may grow stronger, it is necessary that
the weaker and lesser adaptive elements of Gorean society be carefully
controlled and encouraged to grow in strength and adaptability.
Anti-social elements are to be excised from society through restriction
of citizenship, or confined and rehabilitated. Warfare and enforced
captivity are two methods by which this last end is accomplished upon
the surface of the planet Gor..

6) Do what you will:

This is one of
the key principles to Gorean philosophy; basically, it means that every
Gorean is expected to strive within the limits of his or her existence
to achieve self-fulfillment and lasting happiness. A Warrior may draw
his sword and lead an army to conquer a city, if he is strong enough
and fit enough to do so. A free woman may attempt to contract a
profitable companionship or to build a financial empire, if she is
strong enough and clever enough. Even a slave is expected to seek her
deepest self-fulfillment within the bonds of her Master's chains. In
such a manner, each Gorean is expected to strive and achieve something
for the collective Gorean society, and struggle to attain perfection
within the structure of that society. To the Gorean mind, there are
always possibilities for advancement no matter what the situation..

7) Responsibility for One's Actions:

This tenet is based upon the Gorean concept of basic "cause and
effect." It is through the practice of this principle that the rest of
the tenets listed above make sense, and function. This is the belief
that everyone, no matter how great or humble, chooses the course of his
or her destiny. .
When a warrior draws his sword, he can expect to suffer the
consequences. When a Gorean submits to the bonds of slavery, he or she
is expected to acknowledge and accept what occurs afterward. In such a
way every choice made by every single Gorean is inextricably bound
together with the choices of his or her fellow Goreans in a great
interlinking web of cause and effect, a massive net of fate which moves
the race forward into the future like an unstoppable juggernaut. Do
whatever you want to, but expect it to effect you, either for good or
ill. You are responsible for yourself..
Excuses are futile and no one wants to hear them anyway. If you screw
up, take your medicine, deal with the situation and move on to the next
thing. The basic rules and maxims of the various caste codes and the
fundamental principles of Gorean interaction seem to be based mostly
upon this concept; this, in effect, is the explanation for Gorean
"cruelty." Goreans are not cruel, they are practical. "That which does
not kill them makes them stronger," to paraphrase from Nietzsche. If
you wear the collar of a slave, look like a slave, act like a slave,
and do not either fight your way to freedom or die in the attempt, then
you must really be one. In any case, you most probably
were free at one point... so what happened? You either needed to be a
slave, were too weak to stay free, or screwed up really badly somewhere
along the way. Whatever the case, deal with it. Life is not fair, and
most Goreans are far to practical to try to make it so. Life sucks. If
you get hit on the head, don't waste time crying about it... accept it
and next time wear a helmet..

8 ) Stratification by Natural Process:

Superior strength-- be it strength of will, strength of body, or
strength of mind-- will tend naturally to manifest itself among ordered
human groupings. Even particulars such as sexual gender do not
universally define how matters of strength are involved in the
stratification process. Anyone who is stronger will naturally assume a
position of dominance, be it mental or physical, over those weaker or
less willing to match themselves in human dominance struggles.
Therefore, it is categorically incorrect to assign presumed dominance
or blanket superiority over anyone, or any one grouping, within the
human condition, since these matters tend to be somewhat situational.
While human beings are defined to a great extent by their sex, there is
no "dominance gene" nor is there any "submission gene." There are only
combinations of heritable genes, each of which will render the
individual more prone to certain behaviors than others. These genetic
leanings can be circumvented, though typically the act of doing so is
costly, both to the individual involved and to the system in which he
or she functions..

The final tenet, listed above, has only one
interpretation: if anyone, be they male or female, possesses the
ability to dominate others, he or she will naturally tend to do so when
the opportunity presents itself, even against his or her preexistent
genetic propensities. It is when the dominance factor clashes with the
biologically engrained sexual selection pressures, and circumvents
preprogrammed sexual-based survival behaviors, that the human being
becomes, to paraphrase Norman, "a mass of conflicting drives and
emotions, more prone to heightened mental stress, physical illness,
psychological disease and a substantially shortened lifespan.".

Gorean philosophy is, in many cases, a zero-sum equation. A Gorean must
look within himself for the strength to contain his emotions, so that
he may see with objectivity what is needed and required to bolster the
Gorean philosophies and maintain his honor through positive action..

This, then, is my perception of basic Gorean philosophy. It may not
seem fair to you, or perhaps even make much sense from your particular
point of view, but I doubt most Goreans care. They have little time for
debate, as they are too busy living..

To paraphrase the words of a well known Gorean author: An Earthling
might very well examine the principles of Gorean philosophy and ask the
question: "Why so hard?".

A Gorean would probably shrug, examine the principles of modern Earth
philosophy, and answer with the question: "Why so soft?".
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The Tenets of Gorean Philosophy
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