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The Isle of Anango is located on Gor. Gor is a fictional Counter-Earth based on the books by John Norman. This island is Sovereign and Ruled by a Tatrix (female ruler). This community is representative of the Three Pillars, Homestone: Anango, Caste: Ini
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 In the Words of David of Tancreed

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PostSubject: In the Words of David of Tancreed   In the Words of David of Tancreed Icon_minitimeFri Jan 30, 2009 10:19 am

In the Words of David of Tancreed 21613499_6575199604823ebc854a04

These are the words of a Man I love and respect .. I wish ALL Masters to read and take heed

In the words of The Great Jarl David

June 28, 2008 06:36PM
to read these words .. I would say Mistress as well but I am the only
one here and I have read this on more than one occasion .. Wind and
Steal Gentalmen


The Strength of Gorean Men

June 23, 2008 04:14PM

So you have read some books. You know a little about being Gorean.
You have researched some sites. You have a list of quotes handy. Now
can you tell me what it means to be Gorean?

Mayhaps you can, mayhaps you cannot.

It is interesting to look beyond the books and examine John Norman
himself. He was very interested in the sexual dynamic between man and
women. The Gorean books were his outlet to express his ideologies. But
we also see that John Norman was not the originator of the ideology he
espouses. Indeed, it is history itself which testifies to the truth of
the words we read in his series of novels. Norman was so very keen to
borrow from a wide variety of human cultures throughout history to
create his planet Gor.

So what inspired this counter culture called Gorean? One can imagine
some pimpled-faced kid reading some books fantasizing that he is some
great hero. We can also imagine that this is not some isolated case and
that there were many, many people (perhaps some without pimples
~chuckles~) reading these books. So how did they all come together to
form a community? Actually I have no answer, just a speculation that
the advent of the internet brought to the world in the early 90s paved
the way for cohesion of many sub-cultures.

And now we see that there were many, many people flocking to the
ideology of Gor even so very early on. I was a part of that first wave
of Goreans.

Part of the lesson that Norman brings to us via his imagination is the
idea that Men have allowed themselves to become enslaved by the whims
of women. Norman merely reminds us that for the world to truly work
beyond technology is that men have got to be brutally strong or perish.
If a man does not hunt for food then there is nothing to eat. If a man
does not protect his house then another will take from him. Would we
expect our women to rise up with swords, scythes, axes and pikes to
defend our land while we squeal like scared pigs? Ridiculous! Perish
the thought! ~spits~

When we understand our place as Gorean Males, even if it is only in
ideology, then petty name calling and whispers fall to our feet. Those
things are beneath us. We do not manipulate by rumor or machination. If
a man wants something, he takes it. If another man does not wish him to
do so, he steps into his way. Then it is between these two men to
resolve their differences as men.

To manipulate others to arrive at a favorable conclusion is to express
fear; Fear that one cannot achieve the desired result by his mere will
and intent. The strength of a Gorean male is that he stands before the
tide of popular opinion and looks to the depths of the ocean of
humanity and states: “This I claim! If any contests my claim come
before me now!” It is possible that another may contest this claim and
for the man to lose his claim.

I, for one, would rather be the man who fought for a claim and lost it
to a superior foe than to have weaseled my way to possessions that I
have not earned by the strength of my will and the sheer drive of my

In the Words of David of Tancreed 21613499_6575199604823ebc854a04

Re: In the words of The Great Jarl David

How complimented a man can feel for anyone to re-post a post that was uttered at a time that the utterance seemed necessary.

I have avoided rising up upon a soapbox to claim my words are gospel.
In fact, if any of you truly know me, I am a careful man...perhaps not
always...I do have passion. And in the midst of passion one speaks
their I am willing to do. I do not always measure the costs.
Passion is not a careful emotion.

At times, it seems, that a man must state the truth and be damned
the consequences. Know me. I do not want followers. I want
relationships...and even at that I am far from the example for others
to follow. Each man has his weaknesses. Only fools ignore this simple

How fallible we truly are. What tricks does life play upon us. What are we to do?

I can only state to those who will listen, is to not stand upon
your convictions as though that they are stable foundations. Be
flexible. It is good to be strong, but not wise to be stubborn.

I am a man that has failed more than succeeded. I think this is the
human condition. We all do this. It is the person that perseveres
though their failures...learns...adjusts...that has become upon the
first step of Mastery. And I do apply this to Kajira and Master alike.
Yes, I said this...a kajira can be a master...if only that she knows
the truth in her role.

And for Men who would be Master of Kajirae, know that they are more
than Gorean Law prescribes...animals. Sure prop up the Gorean Laws and
prove yourself an ass.

Now to all kajirae, do not think me weak. I am not. I expect
perfection from you. You will perform as kajirae perform or be
rebuked...that is if I care. Do not expect a soft shoulder from me. If
I deem you worthy, I may advise you, correct you...even offer advice to
you. I do not pull my punches. I am a harsh SOB. But I will admit that
a girl who, I gage, is trying, I will take my time with and explain my
view upon true Gorean values and expectations.

I will end this rambling post to say this, My door is always open to those who wish my input...all that is needed is to ask.
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In the Words of David of Tancreed
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