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The Isle of Anango is located on Gor. Gor is a fictional Counter-Earth based on the books by John Norman. This island is Sovereign and Ruled by a Tatrix (female ruler). This community is representative of the Three Pillars, Homestone: Anango, Caste: Ini
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Gor itself was created by a man
named John Lange, a university professor holding a doctorate in
philosophy, writing under the assumed name of John Norman. In a series
of twenty-five books, the first of which was published in 1967, he
developed and defined the world of Gor and the cultures which populate
it. Though fictional, this land and its peoples carry the influence of
their creator and his profession, expressing the writer's thoughts and
assertions in a form of allegory in which he explores the existence and
purpose of men and women, their relationship to one another and their
world, and the development of society and culture. The backdrop for
this is a savage counter-Earth, whose people can be likened to many
ancient cultures of our own world's past, predominantly those of the
Greco-Roman age. They are the descendants of people transported to Gor
from Earth's classical times, left to develop their own history down a
line diverging from that of our own civilization's growth. This
fictional setting is utilized not only as a medium for storytelling,
but also the environment within which the author develops clearly
considered philosophical and sociological assertions, demonstrated
through the actions of the characters within the stories and their
lives on Gor. Barbaric by the standards of contemporary Earth, these
people live in a highly developed and refined society of city-states,
whose only true "barbarism" is a life contrary to what is acceptable to
our own civilization's current beliefs.

"It is not necessary to burn a book, if one does not permit it to be published."
- John Norman


These science fiction novels, comprising the twenty-five volume "Saga
of Gor," have sold well over twelve million copies world wide, with
future editions, continuing the tales, long being considered for
publication in response to a consistent and ever growing demand. The
first in the series, "Tarnsman of Gor," was published in 1967, and the
last Gorean novel to be released, "Magicians of Gor," had a single
press run in 1988 before the publisher abruptly ended its contract with
the author. This event was said to be in reaction to the controversy
the less than politically correct series had invoked, spurned on by
certain special interest groups who wished to see the Gorean novels
removed from the commercial market, and any future publication ended.
The rise of the "politically correct" age, followed with the bowing of
apologists, and overall changing attitudes towards just who and what is
entitled to freedom of speech, resulted in a seeming end to the
progression of the series, and the resignation of the Gorean novels to
used book store shelves. Two other finished manuscripts, numbers
twenty-six and twenty-seven of the series, respectively entitled
"Witness of Gor" and "Prize of Gor," have awaited publication since
then, but the continuing effects of blacklisting and not always subtle
censorship has so far kept these novels from ever being published and
With the coming of the Internet, the hold of censors and the media
influencing minority has been temporarily held somewhat at bay. Hand in
hand with this, the Gorean novels have seen a great resurgence of
popularity, drawing together old fans and adding many new ones to the
fold. The medium has not only allowed these people to gather together
and with others who have enjoyed the series, but has enabled them to
share thoughts and ideas on the deeper philosophical and sociological
issues presented in the novels and develop upon these suggestions. This
continuing growth of activity has also brought with it the returning
interest of potential publishers, these recognizing the product's
viability as a direct result of the fast growing attention the novels
have received online. But regardless of past successes and an again
growing fan base, the commercial publishing "powers that be" continue
to shun the series for its perceived politically incorrect concepts and
theories, even if they are a proven commercial success. This reaction
is said to largely be the continued effect of the blacklisting the
author has been put under, along with the ever-vigilant attention of
groups wishing his books and ideas to be silenced. Such has also reared
itself in recent times in the form of magazine articles and essays
doing "exposes" on the Gorean phenomena, casting a skewed light on the
series and its fans while claiming impartiality, again using the power
of the media to try to excite and shock the unknowing, and impress upon
them the biased opinions of particular interests. These efforts and
others have yet to stop fans from seeking out the novels, nor have they
curbed the growth in interest. They have not even been entirely
successful in stopping small publishers from attempting to respond to
the demand for the series, though they have thrown their obstacles
before these companies and limited their success.
In 1996, Masquerade Books began the first abortive attempt to reprint
the series, seeing the first ten novels returned to the commercial
market in a redesigned package with the original text layout. Though
the reprints quickly sold-out in the bookstores that carried them, and
the demand for a greater pressing and wider circulation was made
obvious, these chains suddenly stopped placing restocking orders. The
reason for this was said to involve protests and petitions made by
certain groups who used their influence to pressure the chains into
stopping distribution. This resulted in Masquerade being forced to end
its association with the novels due to the resulting difficulties in
marketing them commercially. Rumors exist suggesting that the company
has since gone out of business, or at the very least had some financial
problems, and while this may be true, Masquerade is known to have ended
its involvement with the science fiction genre soon after leaving its
association with Gor.
Shortly after this there began talk of the publication of a "Gor
Magazine," a monthly graphic novel developed from the books and
presented by Vision Entertainment. This company also sought to release
the long awaited book twenty-six, along with a "world bible" intended
to provide a graphical showcase of the fictional world's denizens.
Little more than talk of any intention ever transpired since first
mention in 1996, with said company having a series of economic and
logistic difficulties preventing the release of any promised products,
though production had begun on them. In 1997, the planned partnership
the company had with Random House publishers, for marketing and
distribution, suddenly ended when the other firm withdrew from the deal
for unknown reasons. These problems finally culminated in 1999, with
John Norman deciding to terminate his agreement and contract with
Vision Entertainment, thus ending the possible publication of future
Gorean works and material through that venue.
Recently, a new venture has yet again begun down the path where others
have failed. This company, known as "New World Publishing," has gone
into partnership with John Norman to see the series become available
again in a new commercial form. Though the company itself is very small
and the odds may well be against them, they have started releasing the
earlier novels and promise to continue through with the entire series.
They have also stated that they will see to the publication of those
novels which have yet to be released, along with any future editions
the author may be considering. These re-releases are promised to be the
"unexpurgated" versions of the novels, printed in the original form the
author intended with portions of text that were previously removed by
editors finally included. It is also said that the author is going over
each novel making changes and additions to the text that he has long
wanted to see occur. This partnership is still in its initial phases,
with the books themselves only available through direct contact with
the small group responsible for production and sale. While not a
larger, commercial concern, and seemingly brand new to the publishing
business, the fact that this small private company is in somewhat
direct contact with the author, and appears to have been started with
the sole interest of producing merchandise involving Gor, may well
remove it from some of the detrimental effects of those who seem so
intent at stopping the continued release of the novels and the
censorship of the author's words.
(2003 - So far, this partnership seems to be working out and "New World
Publishing" has not only been keeping its promise of seeing the series
re-released, but has printed the 26th novel in the saga - "Witness of

"The Internet, happily, at least for a time, gives us an opportunity
to do an end run around the blacklisting. Whereas this may be
distressing to the blacklisters, who have attempted to destroy my
writing career, as it fails to conform to their political requirements,
some other folks may have better things to do than wring their hands
and gnash their teeth, such as enjoy the books."
- John Norman


The series itself is not an easy one to acquire in its entirety. The
first seven books have been reprinted many times and the first ten are
available in recently republished form, so these should be easy enough
to find or order. The last fifteen books of the series become harder to
come by as the numbers progress, with books twenty-one through
twenty-five being particularly hard to find as publication was limited
to only one or two printing runs of each. Prices in used book stores
and online auctions range from a dollar to fifty dollars or more,
making the novels, especially those harder to find, sought after
collectors items. English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and French
editions have also been published, including some in hardcover.
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What is Gor
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